Sprains and Shin Splints

Sprains and Splits Image

Ankle sprains can occur when tendons connecting the bones together become strained or torn, usually from a twisting or contusion injury. A tear can be partial or complete. A complete tear may have a popping sound or feeling. Fractures of a foot bone may also occur. Your podiatrist may order an X-Ray or Ultrasound to assess for ligament or bone damage. Rest, elevation, ice and non weight bearing advice is recommended initially. Casts, splints, crutches, orthotics or a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon may also be recommended. Proper treatment is recommended to prevent permanent damage and to resolve pain.

Shins splints are often caused by running or excessive athletic activity. Pain and inflammation is often experienced over the lower shin where the muscles control dorsiflexion of the foot. Sometimes a stress fracture to the bone occurs. Rest, medication and orthotics may help this condition. Untreated shin splints can result in surgery to decompress the muscle in the tendon sheath.

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