Orthotics can help with

Achilles Tendonitis The incorrect footwear and poor foot function will increase tendon tension and discomfort. Relieve your Achilles pain by supporting your feet with Orthotics which helps reduce pronation.

Ankle Sprain Ankle sprains can cause damage to the ligaments and tendons. To cradle the foot a softer Orthotic will allow for improved proprioception and also optimal alignment, stability and balance during recovery.

Arch Pain Poor foot alignment and particularly over pronation leading to muscle overuse can result in pain in the arch. Orthotics can provide medial arch support and promote optimal foot function.

Bunions, Corns, Calluses When a bunion has extra pressure from over pronation the joint pain increases. The Orthotics’ arch support controls the pronation, relieving pressure through the joint, providing pain relief. To reduce the risk of corns and calluses, wear correctly fitted Orthotics to provide correct foot alignment and relieve the pressure under the foot.

Children’s Feet Uneven tread worn down on your child’s shoes, complaints of achy feet and legs, an irregular walk indicate an Orthotic evaluation is required by your podiatrist. Conditions such as flat feet, Sever’s disease, Achilles pain, Osgood Schlatter’s are often successfully addressed.

Diabetes Healthy feet are critical for diabetics. Orthotics can help prevent serious foot problems such as ulcers by providing cushioning and good support. An individualised fit reduces plantar pressures and provides protection for these High Risk feet.

Flat Feet Orthotics reduce the over pronation often found in flat feet. Better posture and function can be achieved. Over time children’s flat feet often resolve.

Foot & Leg pain (Aching Feet) After long periods of walking or standing a generalised ache may be experienced in your feet and legs. Orthotics provide support for the foot, reducing uneven pressure and increasing shock absorption. The orthotic support helps align both foot and leg, promoting greater comfort and minimising any muscle fatigue.

Groin, Hip & Back Pain Poor foot alignment, leg length difference and muscle imbalance can influence lower back and hip pain. Orthotics can help control these factors and also helps to achieve optimal muscle function. Orthotics help relieve associated hip and lower back pain.

Heel Pain Orthotics support the underneath structure of the foot and heel pain can respond well to podiatry treatment. A common condition is plantar fasciitis, when the band of fibrous tissue supporting the arch becomes inflamed.

Knee Pain Poor foot and leg alignment commonly causes knee pain. When Orthotics corrects the alignment they reduce the angle the patella and tendon are being pulled and decrease knee pain.

Pronation This is the normal motion in the foot, a rolling inwards, enabling the foot to cope with uneven terrain and absorb shock. But excessive pronation can lead to shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee, hip and even lower back pain. Orthotics help reduce pronation.

Shin Splints This is the pain at the front or insides of the shin bone mainly caused by excessive foot pronation. Orthotics control foot movement, supporting the muscles and reducing pain.

Supination This is the normal motion in the foot, a rolling outwards, enabling the foot to cope with uneven terrain and absorb shock. Excessive supinaton occurs when the foot sits on the outer edge. Orthotics help reduce supination.


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