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You have only one pair of feet to last a lifetime and your podiatrist will help maintain the healthiest feet possible. The symptoms of many common foot problems can easily be professionally managed. If you experience any lower limb, foot, toenail or skin issue, seek advice by booking a consultation today.
Prompt action could be important as ailments not assessed or treated could result in further, sometimes major, health risks. Your podiatrist will play an important role in diagnosing, preventing and managing foot and lower limb problems. Please ring us to make an appointment.

Orthotics and Biomechancial Assessments

Accommodative foot orthotics
Flat Feet
Fully custom casted devices
Modifications to Footwear
Orthotic modifications
Sporting Orthotics
Temporary orthotics.

Injury Management

Achilles tendinitis
Ankle sprains
Arch pain
Forefoot and Foot pain
Heel Pain and Heel Spur
Injured toenails
Plantar Faciitis
Shin splints and Knee pain
Sporting Injuries and Overuse
Stress Fractures.

Condition Management

Diabetic foot care
Inflammatory arthritis
Neuroma (pinched nerve)
Pregnancy foot care
Rheumatoid arthritis.

Children's Feet

Flat Feet
Heel Pain
Ingrowing Toenails
In-Toeing (Pigeon-Toed)
Knee Pain
Sever’s Disease
Sports Injuries
Warts and Verrucae.

Skin and Nail Ailments

Athlete’s Foot
Callouses & Corns
Cracked heels
Foot ulcers
Fungal infections
Nail surgery
Nail Trimming
Ingrown toenails
Problematic toenails
Verrucae and Warts.

Resthome Services

Full professional podiatry care provided on-site in the comfort of your rest home. Canterbury facilities which are contracted to Riccarton Podiatry benefit from scheduled visits on a regular rotation. Aged Foot Care is provided, a specialised podiatry service for Rest Home residents, Hospital and Dementia facilities and Independent Living owners. Your experienced podiatrist cares for feet, nails and ankles; alleviating pain and facilitating comfort. Chronic and aged foot ailments are prevented and professionally managed.

Elderly foot care covers

Arthritis • Bunions • Chilblains • Callouses • Corns • Diabetes • Foot Pain • Fungal Infections • Hammer Toes • Nail problems • Oedema (Swollen Legs) • Orthotics • Plantar Fasciitis • Skin conditions • Thickened Toenails Trimmed • Ulcers • Wound Dressing


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