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Diagnosis and treatment of your feet

Achilles Tendonitis, Arch and Heel Pain, Arthritis, Athlete's Foot, Biomechanical Assesments for Orthotics, Bunions, Callouses, Children's Feet, Corns, Diabetic Foot Care, Ingrown Toenails, Neuroma/Pinched Nerve, Nail Surgery, Sports Injuries & Verrucae.

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Our podiatrists provide professional assessments for orthotics and sports injury management. We can help people with foot, ankle and heel pain relief.
Problem toenails and skin foot ailments are commonly treated at our clinic. We welcome Children's feet and also sore feet during pregnancy.

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A good orthotic is more than just an arch support. It controls parts of your feet as you walk. At Riccarton Podiatry we have an extensive range of medical grade Formthotics. We also offer custom orthotics for the most control.

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  • Charlotte Hepworth


    Charlotte has a particular interest in providing biomechanical assessments and is skilled at providing just the right fit required for your orthotics. Charlotte also offers quality palliative care for painful foot and ankle conditions and provides solutions for fungal and ingrown nails. She is a graduate of AUT with a Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry. Charlotte has been active in a range of sports teams, especially rowing and really enjoys her fitness classes.

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  • Aoife O'Dowd


    Aoife has a particular interest in diabetic foot care. She graduated National University of Ireland, Galway with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Podiatry. Before moving to New Zealand Aoife worked as a senior podiatrist in Ireland. She is skilled in a range of areas including diabetes care, paediatrics, nail surgeries, boimechanics and routine care (nailcare, corns, callus). She is keen to educate her patients to help them maintain the best foot health possible.

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  • Danielle

    Danielle work history description.

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