Nail fungal Infection

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Fungal infections can arise from microscopic fungal, mould or yeast organisms taking up residence on your toe nails. Your feet are often in a warm moist environment which they love. Fungus forms known as onychomycosis and is typically stubborn to treat. The fungus left untreated, can progress deeper into the nail, discolouring it, causing pain and eventually separating the nail from the nail bed, known as onycholysis. Your nail may also appear thickened, yellow, white spots and be brittle. Your podiatrist knows the best treatments available for toenail infections. In severe cases your Podiatrist may surgically remove the whole nail. Riccarton Podiatry also offers CLEARANAIL. Clearanail is an "intelligent" nail drill that utilizes a patented Controlled Micro Penetration TM technology to create microscopic holes, in toenails. This enables topical anti-fungal medications to penetrate beneath the nail plate and wipe out the fungus.


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