Diabetic Foot Care and Ulcers

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Diabetes can result in poor blood supply to the feet and nerve damage due to years of elevated blood sugar. This can alter nerve sensation and healing rates. Foot injuries and wounds which may not be felt by a Diabetic may struggle to heal and can lead to infections and ulcers. Your Podiatrist can test for sensory loss in the feet and looks for signs of reduced circulation and infection. It is important that Diabetic patients have regular Podiatry appointments to keep their feet and nails in optimum condition. Podiatrists are experts at monitoring signs of progressive infections and in dressing wounds to promote healing. Failure to keep diabetic feet in good condition can result in amputation of toes, feet, leg or even death from an over whelming infection. Do it yourself care at home can be dangerous due to non-sterile equipment and chance of cutting and infecting skin while nail trimming. Your Podiatrist will always use sterile equipment. Some of our Diabetic patients receive funded Podiatry care at our clinic via the Pegasus Health Scheme.

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